quarta-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2009

If I could be doing now!

If I could be doing anything now rather than being in Portugal this is the adventures I would love to do it again :) Oh South Africa how much I miss you! Hope to go back there soon!


Today I have delivered the material for the next two trucks of Sonae! I hope this will be beggining of a long friendship! This will add a total of 4 trucks with the system installed in Portugal! Many times we ask before so many aspects in one's life what do they do or their profession...Its amazing to think that one is defined about what they do and not what they are! I hope in the end of this adventure to be able to redefine myself and to be be proud on what I am doing! After all now its all up to me and not to anyone else!

quarta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2009

What the hell I am doing!

For you guys who dont know what I am doing this is my gospel! I am trying to sell this idea to my clients and help them save money and be more effective comunicating with their customers. This system is called Agripa and I am partnering with a Spanish Company called Stampa Digital who has the representation for the whole of the Iberian peninsula

Blogging The begining

Hi my friends!

Its my second attempt to become a regular blogger! My first attempt didnt went that well! I hope this time things will be more regular. On this blog I will write down about my life and also about my interests! I hope also to keep everyone updated about how my business adventures are going lets see if by this time I can keep a regular influx of postings