terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2009

God is taking a piss with us!

Well...as all of you know one of my strongest beliefs is that god is comediant, constantly trying to make comedy out of all the situations, you will probably know that the first thing I will do is to have a beer (which untill today I would gladly pay from my own pocket) with god when I die, and to eat lupins while he tell jokes. I'm convinced he is definetely taking a piss on us. Life is full of examples...only a genious could create the most delicious fish and make sure that he is poisonous enough to kill an entire family, but in the hands of an experience sushi man can be something from another world, if the sushi man however gets slightly drunk well you may kiss goodbye your morgage, its a risk you know you incurr. God is also twisted with shadows, you can actually get killed when you sleep under the confort of a coconut tree or if you sleep under a cliff, a mild earthquake or the sheer force of gravity may be enough to make a rock or coconut fall while you happily find cover, making sure that sunburns and skin cancer are problems to be sorted out in another life, however god gave you the option not to be on that spot...However god shows his divinal sense of humour at its top on the most mundane of all parts of life, love! God would never write a screenplay for charlie chaplin, is just to pretty and nice for him to write, the same applies for other animal comedy, remember he gave us the ability and the inteligence to make sure we can actually create weapons and kill animals by the dozens, or ourselves in thousands of conflicts jumping around the world ( he definetely would never write forrest gump also).
I think he is a master on black humour...otherwise he would have never come up with those funny ways to kill people or making sure that we fall for the wrong person.
He can fix the universe in a moment making the whole cosmic kharma to allign in perfect harmony and in the next one, show you it was just a gigg for his sole entertainment. He can show you a living goya walking and talking for the next moment he will prove you he is the only genious in town (geography does not apply to him also). How funny that can be? may be the secret to life is to enjoy every second as an eternal glimpse, that probably should account to what a couple of days would mean in gods life! That however would also imply that waiting in lines would become terribly painful taking even more time than what we would like it to take. Today I feel like I've been to "el buli" had the meal of my life chatted with adria for hours and after leaving the restaurant somebody cut my tongue out. I can definitely say I had eaten in the best restaurant in the world but I will never taste anything again. God if you are reading this I will also like to inform you that when I die you will pay the beers you had your laugh today

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